Application principle of wide dynamic camera

2022-12-28 16:41 深圳市博腾发科技有限公司

The main application of wide dynamic camera is that it can't get the details of the object even in the ideal light environment. That is to say, the wide dynamic technology is often used in places with alternating light and dark. When the monitor camera can't reach the low-light monitor, it is necessary to use the wide dynamic technology to "fill the light". In the application of surveillance cameras, ordinary cameras can capture images with clear background but dark foreground, while wide dynamic cameras can capture images with clear foreground and background.

Shenzhen Botengfa Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has a 1,000-square-meter workshop, a special workshop for design scheme, product development, sample presentation for customers and mass production, and a large-scale production workshop. The camera can produce more than 2KK per month.

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